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NPSA is looking for volunteers to serve on a committee. Joining a committee is a great way to help strengthen the NSPA and the portable storage industry. Committee membership is also a great springboard to serving on the NPSA Board of Directors. Below, you will find a list of the committees, a brief description and a form to sign-up.

Canadian Committee

Responsible for the short and medium term issues or specific needs that could face Canadian NPSA members and try to assist them as an association.

Conference Advisory

Committee Assist the NPSA staff in coordinating and planning for NPSA events, including educational sessions, entertainment, logistics and strategies.

Membership Committee

A collaboration of the four members and two co-chairs. Our goal is to attract new members to the NPSA by representing all of the benefits members receive. The committee has a representation from suppliers, manufacturers, brokers, depots and leasing companies for a diverse point of view that incorporates all the different types of NPSA members.

Mobile Self Storage (White Box) Committee

Liaison between traditional container industry and mobile self-storage providers.

Newsletter Committee

Hosts conference calls three to four times per year to guide NPSA staff in the design, content and production of the NPSA newsletter ‘The Dispatch’. Circulation 2,200.

Refrigeration Committee

Primarily created to disseminate and provide information to the membership relative to the refrigerated container product line. This include suggested operational and maintenance protocols. The committee also has worked to enjoin major equipment manufacturers who build and support the refrigerated container machinery component of the refrigerated container as active members of the NPSA.

Storage Trailer Committee

Holds conference calls three to four times per year and breakout sessions at NPSA events to address topics common to companies involved in the trailer storage segment of the portable storage industry.

Website Committee

Assist NPSA staff with implementation and running of new association website.

NPSA Committee Sign-Up

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