Heavy Industrial

Container_Pic_Jobsite_WT.jpgConstruction: Construction sites regularly require storage sheds to stock expensive building materials both short and long-term. Shipping containers are made from high-grade steel, making them extremely durable and secure. They are also air, water, and windproof, keeping valuables inside safe from extreme weather.

Manufacturing: The need for storage in the manufacturing industry is endless. Businesses require storage for raw materials, supplies, specialty tools, equipment and spare parts to manufacture the final products and shipping containers provide ample, long-term and secure storage. Containers can also be stacked to save space.

FarmWT.jpgAgricultureShipping containers are can be used in agriculture to keep equipment such as heavy machinery, farm tools and supplies safe from elements and to keep the different types of machinery secure. They offer a secure storage space that is flexible and can be acquired quickly and easily. Some farmers have also started vertical farming inside used shipping containers.

Mining: Mining operations regularly deal with rugged environments and the need to relocate equipment. Use of modified shipping containers can provide the durability and mobility needed for mining operations. Modified shipping containers can improve efficiencies in mining environments in a number of ways. Mining operations save time and money in the long-term by investing in high-quality, construction equipment that is built to last, stands up to extreme weather and job site conditions and requires minimal maintenance.

The mobility and easy installation of containers is ideal for mining operations where job sites move on a regular basis as shipping containers can be easily relocated with a crane or forklift. They can even be installed in underground mines. Containers can be modified/customized in a number of ways, some including:

  • Mobile labs
  • Control rooms
  • Jobsite offices
  • Mobile restrooms
  • Break rooms/recreation centers
  • Workforce housing
  • First aid stations
  • Laundry facilities

In addition, shipping containers can be modified to meet any unique requirements. Specific to mining, containers can also be fitted with special flooring for spill containment which helps prevent floor deterioration. Utilizing an easily relocatable container over a permanent structure can save time and money and can provide convenient access between the lab and the mine. 

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