Long Distance Moving

Portable storage containers are unique, because they can help facilitate a long distance move anywhere in the country.  The portable storage containers (once loaded) are transported back to the warehouse and then shipped via 3rd party carrier to where your new home is located and then redelivered out to you for unloading.  Long distance moving with portable storage containers helps customers deal with potential storage issues related to a real estate transaction. Portable storage containers provide a solution for a long-distance move if the closing dates of the sale/purchase of your new home don’t line up. If you are building a new home and require a temporary storage solution, they can help with that, too. Portable storage and moving is a great alternative to traditional movers who are going to charge for the interstate move as well as for storage in transit and cartage out to your new residence if storage is required.  Additionally, should you wish to move yourself, portable storage and moving services helps you avoid having to rent a truck or trailer and drive to your new location.   

Moving and storage solutions with portable storage and moving companies doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to do everything yourself.  In fact, these companies offer the option to hire local packing/loading or unloading professionals at either origin and/or destination when moving long distance to assist with loading and unloading your containers should you not want to do it yourself.   This flexibility is important when considering portable storage and moving solutions.  As such, providing customers with the peace of mind knowing that this service minimizes the need to worry about timeliness parameters is the difference and advantage that portable containers bring to the marketplace when compared against movers or truck rental companies.  This brings a sense of control which allows individuals to focus on the many other things that need to be addressed when moving long distance. 

Once the containers have been delivered to their destination, individuals can take their time unloading the containers

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