Member Benefits

A primary reason that companies join and support an association is to receive services and benefits tailored toward your company.
The NPSA strives to develop products and services that help you increase business or reduce expenses.
If we can assist you in any way, please do not hesitate to contact us.

 Some of the services you receive as a member of this Association include:

Lead Generation
  • Listing on the NPSA Map
  • Customer referral program
Zoning / Ordinance Issues
Industry / Membership Directory
Industry Research
  • Operational Survey
  • Container Fire Rating
  • Container Wind Load
Affinity Programs
  • Credit Card Services
  • Insurance 
  • Lead Generation
Industry Seal Program
Human Resources Manual
Best Practices Production Outline
Video Series
Rental Agreement
Committee Involvement
  • Audit
  • Canadian
  • Code Compliance
  • Events
  • Membership
  • Newsletter
  • Website
Conferences & Events

Be a NPSA Member

Joining NPSA will give you access to information and resources to help you remain competitive and strong in a volatile business climate. NPSA provides tools that you can apply to your operations – strengthening the ties to your customers and the community you serve.