Mobile Offices

Basics of Mobile Offices

Select a mobile office from one of our NPSA members and rest secure in the knowledge that you can relocate not just your office, but your entire office building whenever you need.


A mobile office is finished off site and delivered at your location ready to go. You can take your entire office with you and never worry about going through the time and hassle of realtors, brokers, landlords, inspectors, and renovations ever again! They are also perfect for sites that have limited space, are awkwardly situated , or are unsuitable for commercial construction. For example, a 20 ft mobile office only takes up the space of a standard sized parking spot and be repositioned with just a forklift.

NPSA members offer several different types of mobile offices in order to best meet your needs. Depending on your unique needs and budget, you can choose between a mobile office converted from a storage container, a storage trailer, or a modular building. Each option has distinct benefits depending on your specific needs. A mobile office container is perhaps the simplest and quickest option since it can be placed directly on the ground, but other mobile office options give you more size options and greater flexibility in customization and aesthetic appearances.

Each type of mobile office comes standard with full insulation, finished interior walls, flooring, electrical wiring and lighting, a personnel door, and a window. Mobile offices can also be customized to meet almost any requirement you have for your mobile office. Customization options for your office include paint, extra windows, doors, shelving, custom furniture, ventilation, partition walls, and exterior awnings or ramps. One popular customization option for a mobile office is adding a partition wall and extra door to create a mobile office and storage space.


Mobile offices have both temporary and permanent applications. They function just as well when used as the permanent headquarters of your business as when used on a construction job site, as a mobile sales office, or as a base of operations for a special event like the Super Bowl or the Kentucky Derby. Contact one of our NPSA members today in order to get started!

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