Mobile Self-Storage

Basics of Mobile Self-Storage


A relatively new entry on the market, mobile self-storage eliminates all of the hassles associated with traditional static self-storage facilities.

With mobile self-storage, an empty mobile storage container is delivered to your location, you load it up at your own pace, and then it is picked up and moved to a new location for unloading.

Mobile self-storage allows you to only use the amount of storage that you need and you won't waste any time or money making multiple car or truck loads to a self-storage facility. No more maneuvering a heavy dolly load of fragile and expensive items from your vehicle to a freight elevator to a storage locker. You load your items straight into the container that has been delivered to you instead.


Unlike portable storage containers or shipping containers, mobile self-storage containers can be transported while fully loaded. You won't upset the neighbors or the city with a large metal box for an unspecified period of time and can easily take your valuable items with you when you move. Mobile self-storage is not just for long or short distance residential moves. Mobile self-storage is also applicable for home renovations, office relocations, donation drives, store openings, disaster response, and seasonal merchandise.

Mobile self-storage containers come in a variety of sizes and configurations. Standard mobile storage container height is 8ft and NPSA members offer mobile-self storage containers in lengths that range from 7ft to 20ft.

The majority of mobile self-storage containers available on the market are similar to the PODS ® mobile self- storage container--- constructed with a steel frame, aluminum and steel composite panels, smooth white sides, an easy access roll-up door, and a translucent plastic roof. However, many NPSA members offer mobile self-storage containers with metal roofs, swing doors, and multiple doors.

Call the NPSA member that provides mobile self-storage in your area to find out what options they have today!


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