Managing Lien Sales through On-line Auction Platforms

Protect yourself from Non-payment Jim Grant, The portable storage business continues to develop at a fast pace throughout the country with operators entering the market on…

Using LKE's to Boost Profits (Pt 1)

Help your customers, Help your business
Ken Palmen
President, EquipEx The ability to share some basic knowledge of Sections 1031, 168 and 179 can create a terrific win-win scenari…

Improve the Bottom Line - Pay Attention to Revenue and Expense Details

Optimize your revenue without increasing investment
Anders Norlin
Box Credit The U.S. economy has been growing steadily for the last few years. Most portable storage companies have…

The US Dollar is Rising and Container Prices are Declining

What You Need to Know
Anders Norlin
Box Credit We have heard it for some time now. The economy is getting stronger and the interest rates should rise. What this means is more expens…

Modifications and Like-Kind Exchange Go Hand-In-Hand

Reduce Your Taxes By Reinvesting
Ken Palmen
President, EquipEx Perhaps you're now somewhat familiar with Like-Kind Exchange (LKE), but did you know that proceeds from the sale of…

Portable Self Storage Containers - Financing Challenges

Secure Financing and Minimize Risk
Anders Norlin
Box Credit Financing of containers in the Portable Self-Storage Industry or “Residential Storage Industry” is much mor…

Credit Insurance

How To Choose The Best Collection Agency Insuring your accounts receivables ensures your business will be around tomorrow. Credit insurance can play three significant roles for your company:

Using LKE's to Boost Profits

Improve Your Bottom Line
Ken Palmen
President, EquipEx In the capital-intensive portable storage industry, owners and decision makers need to know about 1031 Like-Kind Exchanges (LK…

New Tools for Collections Means Better Cash Flow and Less Administration

Increase Your Profits Today!
Anders Norlin
Box Credit Our world is becoming more and more mobile with electronic transactions taking place at all levels of the business chain. Bei…

Vendor Insurance Requirements

Optimize your revenue without increasing investment
David Brennecke,
Director of Operations
AT&S Everyone in our business knows the importance of having insurance. Everyo…

Tips to Negotiating a Personal Guarantee: Protect What You've Worked so Hard to Acquire

Forge Strong Partnerships
Chuck Mangum
Leavitt Group
NPSA Member and Sponsor While personal guarantees are nothing new, they have become commonplace as tight credit conditions…

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