Get Ready for Years of Chaos in Container Shipping

Backed up ports and the Suez Canal fiasco are just surface problems. When things go wrong in this business, they go seriously wrong. To read more, click here.

Container congestion registered in every corner of the planet

The state of global container congestion continues to roil supply chains right across the world. To read the full article, click here.

FMC Members Warn Ocean Carriers of Obligation to Carry U.S. Exports

Two federal maritime commissioners are raising the alarm about challenges that American exporters face in getting their cargoes onto outbound container vessels, citing "reports that ocean carr…

FMC Investigates Carriers for Withholding Containers From U.S. Farmers

The chairman of the Federal Maritime Commission, Michael A. Khouri, said Tuesday that the FMC is responding to complaints that ocean carriers... Click here for the full article.

Remodeling Market Remains Strong, But Economic Uncertainty Looms in 2021

Metrostudy/Zonda projects remodeling activity will see quarterly declines beginning in the first quarter of 2021. Click here for the full article.

The Worst Business Advice I Ever Recieved

This piece originally appeared on Paychex WORX with a link to their site There's a tipping point when you run a business. The tipping point occurs when something has…

Container Quality Control 101

By Brian Dieringer
Brian Dieringer is the co-founder and EVP of Products at Falcon Structures, a manufacturer of modified shipping containers. His experience leading quality control has…

Profit Sharing

I recently saw a quip that stated, “I learn from the mistakes of people who took my advice”. With that caveat in mind, let me share with you a decision I recently made. Like much o…

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