Storage Trailers

Basics of Storage Trailers

Lease or buy a storage trailer today and gain a “warehouse on wheels”.


Easily move your storage trailer from location to location, whether it's to the other side of your job-site or across the country. Storage trailers are loading dock accessible, have roll-up or swing doors, and are pallet jack or forklift accessible. Made from steel and aluminum, they are strong and durable enough to withstand the rigors of road service and heavy pallet jack or forklift use.

Whether you need a storage trailer for local storage, regional cartage, or nationwide transportation, a storage trailer can help you to quickly expand capacity. During seasonal demand or unexpected peak periods of business you can lease a storage trailer from one of our NPSA members. Keep your storage trailer for as long as you need and then get it picked up when you don't.

Storage trailers can also help you to keep your business costs down. Renting or leasing a storage trailer from an NPSA member is a predictable monthly expense which will improve your cash flow and free up capital. Many NPSA members also have maintenance services that take away the burden of maintenance, repair and road service. Let someone else worry about Federal Highway Administration (FWHA) / Department of Transportation (DOT) inspections, preventative maintenance, brakes, electrical, holes in roofs and sidewalls, floor damage, and hub seals.


NPSA members have storage trailers for rent and purchase in standard sizes of: 28 ft, 40 ft, 45 ft, 48 ft, and 53 ft.

*Not all sizes will be available from all members.

Typical Dimensions

  Exterior Interior Door Opening
  Length Width Height Length Width Height Width Height
45′ Trailer 45′ 8’ 6" 9’ 6” 44’ 5” 8’ 2” 8′ 10″ 7’ 4″ 8′ 3″
48′ Trailer 48′ 8’ 6" 9’ 6” 47’ 5” 8’ 2” 8′ 10″ 7’ 4″ 8′ 3″
53′ Trailer 53′ 8’ 6" 9’ 6” 52’ 5” 8’ 2” 8′ 10″ 7’ 4″ 8′ 3″


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